Welcome to the Parrot Craft Shop

You are able to buy in-game Perks and ranks


  • Please check that your username is entered correctly when you buy any ranks or extras

  • Purchases are usually instant, however, it may take up to 1 hour to go through

  • If you have any issues with anything join our discord and post it under the support channelĀ 

  • You can still purchase an item while offline! Once you join the server again, it will process

Terms & Conditions

By buying any package through our store you agree to the Terms & Conditions that come with doing so. Failing to agree to the Terms & Conditions will prevent you from buying from our store. Any purchases of ranks or extras are final and you will not be refunded if you are: quitting, banned, etc. Chargebacks and disputes will lead to a permanent ban on Parrotcraft and will void any ranks/extras bought. If you do not comply with the Terms & Conditions, we have the right to remove any paid for service or ban you. All ranks bought will last as long as the server is up and running!

The Terms & Conditions may change at any time, with or without notification or approval of the customer.